Return and exchange policies

Our goal is to provide our customers with reasonable prices and quality service.We fully understand that choosing the right items online can be a little difficult, so we accept returns and exchanges for certain special occasions.

The following is our return and exchange policy.

We are happy to accept the exchange and return of goods that have not been cleaned, tampered with or altered.We take health and public safety seriously and do not return used items for the safety of all our customers.

For items that are truly in their original condition, we do accept returns and exchanges, following our return and exchange procedures.

If you are not satisfied, 15% of the total fee will be charged as an exchange replenishment fee. The cost of exchange or return is not included.

Order cancellations and changes

For any cancellation and change orders, we will only be able to help you cancel and change your order details free of charge if you can contact us within 36 hours of placing your order.
For items in stock, we can help you cancel or change your order at any time without paying any fee before shipping.
For custom items, if you want to cancel the order when it has been processed, you will be charged 30% of the total payment as a replenishment charge.

If you would like to make changes to an order that has been placed, please contact us for details and possible assistance as soon as possible. We would appreciate it.

Return and exchange process

step 1

Please contact our customer service via e-mail within 48 hours after receiving the package to explain the reason for the return/exchange.

Step 2                                        

Our customer service will process your return/exchange request within 1-3 working days (it will be extended by a few days during the holiday period). After authorizing the return/exchange request, our customer service department will send you a return authorization number. We don’t accept refunds and refusal of payment before you receive the package .

Step 3

Please send the returned goods back to the address we gave you, including the return and exchange form with the return authorization (RA) number. You also need to undertake the return shipping costs.

*If we do not have our return authorization number, we will not accept return packages.

*We do not accept returned packages that are collected with freight. To Please send us the tracking number via email after sending the returned package to us.

Step 4

After receiving the returned package, if you only request a return, we will arrange a refund within 7 working days. Please note that after our after-sales department in China receives the returned package, we will arrange a refund. The total processing time is approximately 15 working days.

The refund will be returned to your payment account. In other words, if you pay with a credit card through PayPal, the refund will be returned to your credit card. Usually, the money will arrive in your credit card within 15 days after we arrange the refund, or you can call the bank company to get the exact refund time. We will arrange exchanges within 7 working days for returns and exchanges. Also, please check here to estimate the processing time of your second item.

Maintenance service

Please contact us before sending the goods to us. Please provide some pictures of the parts you want to repair. If it can be repaired, we will provide you with an address where you can send the goods. Our customers are responsible for return shipping costs. For customers who have once enjoyed the service, please check the repair service to select the repair service you want.